National Dahlia Collection

The largest collection of Dahlias from RHS gold winners.

Advice & Tips

  • When You Receive Your Tuber
    Having made the tricky decision of which dahlias to grow (so much choice!), placed your order and received your delivery, your thoughts turn to potting up and preparing the tubers. Whether you put the tubers into storage for a little while longer or get cracking in dividing and potting up, a good inspection of the tubers is never a bad thing.
  • Caring for your Dahlias
    It is worth remembering that in order for the plant to support all of that lush foliage and those tremendous flowers, a fair amount of watering and regular feeding is required during the warmer months especially if you have planted your dahlias into containers.
  • Overwintering
    During the growing season, your rooted cutting will have formed a tuber. A firm, potato-like storage organ that will provide your dahlia with everything it needs to be able to survive, dormant over the winter and grow again the following spring. The big question is ‘to lift’ or ‘not to lift’, there is no simple answer.

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